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    What is a MUFB?

    MUFB is an acronym that mortgage lenders use to describe a multi-unit freehold block. A MUFB is a property that comprises multiple units, such as flats or apartments, that all fall under the freehold title of the building and do not have individual leasehold titles. Each unit is self-contained but may share common areas, such as an entrance hall. A typical example of an MUFB would be a house converted into two or more flats.

    What is a MUFB Mortgage?

    MUFB properties require a specialist mortgage product, typically provided by specialist buy-to-let or commercial mortgage lender.

    It’s essential to get the proper advice with these types of properties, as there will be specific criteria both you and the property will need to meet, which will vary from lender to lender. You can find out more by reading our guide to MUFB mortgages below.

    Financing Multi-Unit Blocks

    We can help finance all types of multi-unit blocks, from small converted 2-unit blocks, to 100+ large student blocks.

    With access to the whole market, and funding available from specialist and commercial lenders, we’re confident we can find funding to suit your requirements.

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    Small & Large MUFB Blocks

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    First-Time MUFB Landlords

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    Complex Ownership Structures

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    Rates From 3.08%

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    Loan To Value Up To 85%

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    Interest Only MUFB Mortgages

    What deposit is required for a MUFB?

    You can get a mortgage for a MUFB with as little as 15%, but rates will be higher and options will be limited. To have access to the widest range of lenders its best to have a deposit of 25% or more.

    85% LTV mortgages are available for first-time buyers for MUFB properties. 

    Do I need experience to get a MUFB mortgage?

    No, we have access to a number of lenders that can offer MUFB mortgages to inexperienced landlords, including first-time buyers. 

    Finance is available to individuals and limited company borrowers.

    Find Out More About MUFB Mortgages & Interest Rates

    If you would like to find out more about Multi-Unit Freehold Block mortgages our MUFB guide is the perfect place to start.

    We’ll cover all the basics and more of how to finance your MUFB and get the best rates.


    • MUFB Lending Criteria
    • MUFB valuation methodology
    • Deposit and Loan To Values
    • Small and Large MUFB’s
    • Experience Requirements
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    Do I need a commercial mortgage for a MUFB?

    No, we have a number of standard buy-to-let lenders that can finance a MUFB property of up to 20 units. For properties with 20+ units this will typically require financing through a commercial lender. 

    Do I need a minimum income for a MUFB mortgage?

    Some of our lenders have a minimum income, typically ranging from £15,000 to £25,000, but we have a number of lenders that now offer MUFB mortgages with no minimum income requirement. Income can be from employment, self-employment or rental income. 

    For all sizes of Multi-Unit Freehold Blocks (MUFB’s)

    Our mortgages can cater for both small and large multi-unit blocks, covering small converted houses to large purpose-built student accommodation

    Get the best MUFB mortgage

    Speak to a MUFB mortgage expert today, and we’ll search the market to find the best deal for you.

    We can help with:

    • Individual and Limited Company MUFB purchases and remortgage
    • Converted and Purpose Built Blocks
    • First Time Landlords No Experience
    • Large Student Blocks
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      Helping first time and experienced MUFB landlords

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