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    What is an HMO?

    An HMO property, or house of multiple occupation, is a property that is let to multiple tenants, typically three or more, who are not from the same household (family).

    Each tenant will have their own bedroom, but all will share the common facilities of the house, such as the kitchen, lounge or bathroom.

    HMO properties differ from standard buy-to-let properties as they will typically need to be licensed by the relevant local authority and will be subject to stricter rules and regulations. 

    What is an HMO mortgage?

    An HMO mortgage is a mortgage designed specifically for HMO properties.

    Typically, HMO mortgages are provided by specialist buy-to-let lenders or commercial lenders.

    There are different criteria to meet, such as the number of rooms the HMO will have, the experience of the borrower, what type of planning the HMO will require and the profile of the tenants the property will be let to.

    All HMO lenders will have different criteria to meet, so speaking to an HMO mortgage adviser is essential to ensure you get the best deal for your needs.

    HMO Mortgage Experts

    With access to thousands of HMO mortgage products and years of experience, you can be confident we’ll find the best HMO mortgage for you.

    We know lender criteria inside out and we will handle everything for you, right through from initial contact to submitting your application and chasing solicitors through to completion.

    Call us on 01604 212879 for a no obligation HMO mortgage review.

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    Small & Large HMO properties

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    HMO Mortgages With No Experience

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    Student Lets

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    Limited Company SPV HMO

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    Loan To Value Up To 85%

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    Rates From 2.94%

    Find Out More About HMO Mortgages & Interest Rates

    If you’d like to find out more about HMO mortgages you can click on the button below to access our HMO Mortgage Guide.

    • HMO Mortgage Criteria
    • Experience Requirements
    • Deposit and Loan To Value
    • Valuation Methods
    • HMO Interest Rates
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    HMO Mortgages For First-Time & Experienced Landlords

    HMO Mortgage Criteria

    We have access to the whole market and can arrange HMO mortgages for experienced and first-time HMO landlords.

    Find Out More About HMO Criteria

    Criteria for HMO mortgages will vary from lender to lender. Our HMO Criteria will cover all the basics and more for the main HMO mortgage lenders.

    Find out more about:

    • Individual lender criteria
    • HMO experience criteria
    • Maximum loan to values
    • Maximum number of rooms
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    Get the best HMO Mortgage Advice

    Speak to a HMO mortgage expert today, and we’ll search the market to find the best deal for you.

    We can help with:

    • Individual and Limited Company HMO purchases and remortgage
    • Small & Large HMO properties
    • First Time Landlords No Experience
    • HMO’s with No Minimum Income Requirements
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